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"Let us Find Your Remarkable Aura"

About Atanga Mungandi & Uncoura Photography

UNCOURA PHOTOGRAPHY, established in 2015, is considered among the top 5 Star Rated photo studios found in Perth, Australia that specializes in portrait photography, primarily because its founder Atanga, considers himself a people loving person.

UNCOURA, which is a name coined from English words, “Unco", meaning Remarkable, and “Ura" from the word Aura, speaks of a concept of photography that brings out the true character of a person in a photo. As a result, Atanga has set himself apart from the competition by focusing on helping clients discover the hidden sides of their pictorial personality, which are usually hidden and not seen by most people.

As the head of UNCOURA, Atanga, also enjoys taking profile shots of couples, families, business and corporate executives of local and community based businesses.

Another aspect of the business focuses on event photography, which covers graduation ceremonies, weddings and engagements, even fashion related events.

And for the fun and love of the photographic art, Atanga, dabbles in to creative, landscape, still life and street shots.

According to Atanga ,his insatiable passion for photography started when he was a child. Since then, he has  studied and successfully completed several professional theory based and practical photography and video courses, taught by some of the world’s best and most experienced photographers, who have helped him greatly improve his craft and develop a creative eye. Currently studying a Bachelors Double Degree in Computer Science and Interactive Media, Atanga’s other passion is his love of creating music, motion graphics, animations, and working with videos.

Born in Zambia , he also has shots taken in his home country showcasing  its beauty.

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Summary of Services Offered:

-Individual Shoots -Couple Shoots & Pre Wedding -Family Shoots -Events (daytime) -Events (Evening) -Corporate/ Business Shots -Stock Photographs -Headshots -Commercial / Ad Photography -Architecture Photography -Photography services for Schools & Institutions

"Let Us Find your Remarkable Aura"

Uncoura Photography

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